I am an Argentinian astronomer currently working as an assistant professor at the Stellar Astrophysics Centre (SAC; Aarhus University,  Denmark), and the Faculty of Physics (Vilnius University,  Lithuania). My main area of expertise lies within the exoplanetary sciences.

Previous to this, I worked as a post-doctoral researcher at SAC with Prof. Simon Albrecht (08.2014 - 03.2018), and at the Institute for Astrophysics Goettingen, with Prof. Stefan Dreizler (11.2013 - 05.2014). 

In October, 2013, I received a PhD in Natural Sciences at the Hamburger Sternwarte (Hamburg University, Germany) working on several aspects of transiting exoplanets under the supervision of Prof. Juergen Schmitt.

In August, 2010, I obtained a master degree in astrophysics, at the Faculty of Astronomical and Geophysical Sciences of La Plata (National University of La Plata, Argentina).

Along my years as astronomer I have been involved in many activities connected to the development and improvement of my astro-environment. During my undergraduate studies I was a member of the board of advisors for the Faculty's dean and vice president of the office of student activities. Along the three years of my PhD I was selected by my peers to be student representative, not only linking students with supervisors, but also coordinating the articulation between the University of Hamburg and the University of Goettingen, both participants of my  PhD funding entity, the German Graduiertenkolleg 1351. Along my post-doc and assistant professor positions I carried out various activities, such as being member of the board of Kvinder i fisik, member of the equality committee at SAC and posteriorly at the Physics and Astronomy Department, and organizer of SAC's seminars.