Teaching is to me one of the most fulfilling tasks in academia. I believe it is our duty to transfer knowledge to the younger generations in the best way possible. I do not like to introduce a concept to the students making them learn it by heart or by repetition, but by making them carry out the process of self-understanding. During class, I try to guide the students through the concepts by being as clear as possible and by connecting complicated concepts to real life situations, not providing to them direct answers to their questions, but making them new ones to see their problematic from another point of view. Through this process the students usually derive quickly to their own conclusions, creating in this way a feeling of self-confidence and satisfaction that constantly motivates them to continue with their work and to move

Through the years, and specially during my stay at Aarhus University, I have been heavily involved in all levels of teaching. This includes individual courses, bachelor, master and PhD theses. I have supervised several students in different academic levels, both as main supervisor and as co-supervisor, within Denmark but also internationally. To November, 2019, I have supervised 4 PhD theses, 6 master theses, 9 bachellor theses and 6 individual projects. My complete teaching portfolio can be accesseed through this link.


Astronomy is, in general terms, a bit abstract and distant for most of the world's population. Therefore, besides sitting in our offices doing research that sounds extremelly interesting to us, but a lot of yibberish to everyone else, an important part of our contribution to our community is  to be able to communicate what we do in a language everyone can understand. To do so, we have this beautiful framework called "outreach". 

Back in 2003, when I started my astronomy undergrad studies, I also begun to be connected to outreach activities. For instance, I was trained in sign-language to include deafs into the guided visits at our faculty.  During my PhD, I gave guiding visits to general public at the Hamburger Sternwarte observatory, being responsible of the Museum and the Open House events. Here in Denmark, within the last five years of my career, I was involved in several activities. I have lots of public talks, I joined for about a year to the organization of Astronomy on Tap, and I wrote a bunch of articles on exoplanetary sciences.