I can't complain... I have a pretty beautiful life outside work :)

I have THE two best boys I could have ever wished for. Noah and Liam take most of my free time. One of the goals I have set myself is to make them laugh every day, so is pretty awesome and super funny to hang out with my guys. I also have a cat named Lobo. He behaves -almost- like a person :P

I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful house 5 km outside Aarhus city. It has a nice garden that during the short months of summer requires a lot of my time :). As it is a nice meeting point to have barbecues with friends and family, I maintain it with joy :P. The real challenge is to get rid of all the apples during the fall. I am slowly finding my ways into this.

I wanted my kids to have a place they could always go to build beautiful childhood memories, as I had when I was a kid, so I got us a summer house less than 100 km from home. When I go there I want to relax, so I have robots all over. NO WORKING AT THE SUMMER HOUSE! :P

Besides hanging out with my family, I play the piano. I have a baby grant at home that although it needs some fine tuning (because the boys keep banging it), makes the dark days of Danish winter shine. Besides this I love to read, cook and net. One of my talents is to open the fridge and make yummy food only using what's available. I grew up in a farm so I love horses and horse riding, but that's a bit challening in DK.

I am more homy than outdoorsy. Specially in the winter days of smooshy, Danish weather. Nonetheless, I love to travel. Before the kiddos were born I traveled to a bunch of places. I did that since I was a kid, and it changed me a lot. It helped me become a better person.